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2nd Medical Mission to Haiti April 8-17th, 2016

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October 2016 Haiti Update

Medical Mission Team Members:
Keisha Casimir, Jom Kovach, Eryn Sprenger, Zach Blanchard, Linda Blanchard, Amy Veltkamp, Lisa Ringler and Alysse Tefft

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The majority of Haitians are Catholic though many have a varied belief system. Creole is the main language spoken, however the illiteracy rate is 53%.


The majority of people survive by farming & selling their crops to make, on average $560 annually. There is limited access to safe drinking water and sanitation and Haitian’s struggle with malnutrition, Malaria, intestinal parasites & other afflictions. Health care is poor at best – most Haitians endure reduced life expectancies. Access to electricity is limited and many communities are in remote areas where travel is difficult.Haiti-2015-3

Alysse Tefft is putting together our 2nd medical mission where the medical teams will assess and treat hundreds, if not a thousand, people during the week that we will be in our sister parish, St. Jacques de Majuer. The local priest, Fr. Maxis, will house and ensure the safety of the group while they reach out to those in great need. There are many costs involved with this mission..ie medical supplies, medications, translators, transportation while in Haiti, housing costs, gas, etc. This past years medical mission had expenses of close to $15,000. The medical team pays for their own flights and most of the ground expenses while there, but if you feel to help out please consider donating by clicking this link…..

The Haiti Connection is currently planning a Medical Mission to Haiti in March.
In remote areas, where the need is great, people may have to travel for days by foot to get medical attention.  Although those with medical or healthcare experience are needed, all are welcome and will helpful to those most in need.

If you would like any further information, you can contact Lisa Ringler at (616) 824-8353 or at Cadman_cs@yahoo.com.

Photos from the last Haiti Mission Trip

Video Presentation of Haiti Mission